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How helpful are online study groups?

Posted by etoosindia on 20/09/2011

“The more the merrier” is an age old term which emphasizes on the fun factor associated with more people assembled at a time. This is quite true and it is always more fun if a lot of people participate at a family get together, holiday or a vacation. But is the same idiom applicable to studies as well? Study group or studying in a group is not a new concept. We are aware of instances when students form a study group along with their friends to prepare for an exam or finish a project work. But a pertinent question is how successful are these study groups. Do students actually study or instead spend time with their friends enjoying and being only merry rather than work.

The success of a study group largely depends upon the seriousness of the people in the group. These study sessions can really work because of exchange of ideas, comparing of notes and assistance from friends. It enriches educational experience and helps a student academically in a profound manner.

With the emergence of internet as a medium of education and with popularity of e-learning, online study groups is gaining a great deal of attention by students across the globe. Although there is a lot of skepticism associated with it as it is largely believed that students mainly use the internet for entertainment and waste a great deal oftime on social networking websites.

But the power of online study group can be quite impactful if effectively used by the students. It helps students to network with other aspirants like themselves from across the nation and sometimes world. For example our online coaching portal a dedicated website for all IIT aspirants enables students to post complex IIT JEE question in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics which is answered by experts in not more than 24 hours for FREE. Students also get to interact, share and even discuss study materials with other aspirants like themselves and expand information and expertise with regard to the preparation of the coveted JEE exam.


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